The average hospital has thousands of mobiles assets, ranging from simple beds to expensive diagnostic equipment, staff or perhaps patients.

Managing such a large and varied inventory within a site can be a real issue. Some equipment requires regular calibration or routine servicing whilst not knowing where the simplest item is located can result in patient treatment delays. In most hospitals this has lead to equipment inventories being higher than necessary with poor asset utilisation.

Studies in US hospitals where similar systems are already installed have shown that equipment utilisation can increase from less than 25% up to 70%+. It was found, for example, that staff had secret hoards of vital equipment to cover for breakdowns simply because they did not know where the nearest replacement was located.

One large hospital employed 3 full-time staff just to search for equipment due for calibration or cleaning. The overall result was that equipment inventories tended to grow out of control.

The Matrix 3D asset location system can provide a cost effective solution to all of these problems giving:

  1. Reduced inventory costs
  2. Less equipment out of service
  3. Improved equipment utilisation
  4. Streamlined maintenance and cleaning routines
  5. At-a-glance equipment usage and maintenance histories.

The heart of our system is a web based application allowing users to find the location of any piece, or group, of equipment in seconds, with viewing as graphic layout or text based report. Maintenance requests and equipment status changes may be logged. A comprehensive reporting system allows management and users to regain control.

Equipment location is to room level with near real time updating of movements and status.

The Matrix 3D infra-red based location system overcomes the shortcomings of more traditional Wifi or RF only based systems, which frequently report locations in adjacent areas or even another floor of the building. You can have near absolute certainty of location without the very high costs associated with ‘time-of-flight’ type systems.

Installation is very simple and quick in most cases, avoiding the need for a rolling shutdown of monitored areas. We have also designed the system to be easy and quick to install in existing environments as well as “new builds”.