Infra-Red Based Asset Tracking
and Location System

The Beacon is an IR (Infra-Red) signalling unit to be used in conjunction with tags having an IR receiver to provide a method of locating tagged assets.

The Beacon transmits IR pulses forming a 16bit coded ID. The ID is unique to the site/organisation with over 65000 settings.

The Beacon is designed to be unobtrusive, resembling a small recessed light fitting. A single Beacon can provide coverage over an area 10m diameter.

A Slave Beacon, Model M3B1S, is available to extend coverage for larger areas or to cope with difficult room shapes. A variant is also available which can provide coverage over a smaller area (approx 2m diameter) for automatic door entry and exit control.

Multiple reflection paths mean that any dead zones are minimal.

The Beacon is designed with simple, low cost, installation in mind. Electrical power is normally provided by a battery backed low voltage power distribution system.

The electronic circuits within the Beacon feature a high efficiency power supply with minimal heat generation, which means that we have a lower total cost of ownership and a much more environmentally sustainable solution.