Infra-Red Based Asset Tracking
and Location System

The Receiver is a twin UHF radio receiver combined with either a WiFi transceiver or 10/100 Ethernet output to be used in conjunction with tags having an IR receiver to provide a method of locating tagged assets.

The receiver receives reports from tags and relays those reports, together with its’ own ID, to a server for processing. The ID is unique to the site/ organisation with over 65000 settings.

The Receiver is compact and housed in a rugged aluminium case. Typical reception range for Tags is of the order of 50m. Receiver density is approximately 40% of that required for RF based location systems as Tag position does not rely on triangulation of signals picked up by 3 receivers. This means that we use far less hardware and are therefore providing a solution that costs less from day one, has a lower operating cost, gives greater granularity of location, and is inherently more environmentally friendly.

Only a small number of receivers are required within a large building as a Tag report only has to be picked up by 1 Receiver to determine its position instead of at least 3 in pure RF based systems.

Two identical UHF receivers allow the use of multiple antenna configurations to cope with difficult environments. In a standard configuration two whip antennas are connected to the unit. A third antenna is used for WiFi connection.

The Receiver is designed with simple, low cost, installation in mind. Electrical power is normally provided by a battery backed low voltage power distribution system.

The electronic circuits within the receiver feature a high efficiency power supply with minimal heat generation.