Infra-Red Based Asset Tracking
and Location System

The tag will periodically wake from a power-saving deep sleep at a time interval dependant on whether it is moving or not and look for infra-red signals from a Beacon.

The Tag sends its ID, the Beacon ID and status information via it’s UHF transmitter.

If the Tag is not moving and the period between static reports is matched then a report is sent regardless.

This ensures that Tags remaining static do not appear to vanish from the system. Both moving and static report intervals are configurable.

The Tag is compact, housed in a hygienic opal acrylic case, and is powered by a user-replaceable lithium cell with a typical life of 3-5 years dependant upon reporting intervals. The status information contained within the report sent by the Tag includes an indication of battery state, thus allowing the reporting system to warn the user if batteries need changing.

Fixing is by various methods to suit the environment, from adhesive to mounting with an integral clamp plate.

This specific tag version includes a temperature sensor to monitor ambient air temperature within a specific environment.

Examples of this would be server data centre, hospital wards, and food manufacturing environments.

The tag can be configured to raise an alert when a temperature is detected outside the preset limits set by the customer. Such reporting is not dependent on the asset tracking function of the tag.